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In the heart of every kitchen, a powerful culinary companion awaits— the gas cooker. In Sri Lanka, most households use liquid petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders as the fuel source for gas cookers. These cylinders can be easily purchased from authorized gas distributors and are available in various sizes to meet different cooking needs.

Gas cookers come in different types and sizes, ranging from single-burner stoves to multi-burner stoves.The size and type of gas cooker you choose depend on your cooking requirements and the available space in your kitchen. It gives you fast heat control and response for a variety of cooking tasks. Gas cookers are available in a variety of setups, including freestanding units and built-in cooktops, to fit various kitchen layouts and personal preferences.

Using a gas cooker is relatively simple. You connect the LPG cylinder to the gas cooker using a hose and regulator, ensuring proper installation and safety precautions. Then, you turn the knob on the gas cooker to release the gas and ignite it using a built-in ignition system or a separate lighter or matchstick. Once the flame is lit, you can adjust the heat intensity by turning the knob to your desired level.


A freestanding gas cooker is a stand-alone cooktop that allows flexibility in positioning. It features Multiple gas burners with adjustable flame controls are common on cooktops, allowing for fine heat regulation while cooking. Freestanding gas cookers are available in a variety of sizes, designs, and finishes, making them a popular choice for kitchens of all sizes, from small to big.


A built-in gas cooker is designed to be installed into countertops or kitchen cabinets. , it offers a smooth and streamlined appearance as it is fitted directly into the countertops or cabinets. The built-in gas cooker is mainly concerned with cooktop performance. It has gas burners with adjustable flame controls for accurate heat control while cooking. The in-built gas cooker’s integrated design delivers a sleek and modern style, making it a popular choice for those looking for a seamless kitchen appearance.

Its installation within a countertop or cabinet provides ease and effective use of kitchen space, making it an appealing option for both functional and visually appealing kitchens.


Ignition is an essential part of a gas cooker that allows the user to switch on the flame safely and conveniently. It is in charge of starting the fire by creating a spark or a flame to ignite the gas emitted by the burner.

There are two types of ignition systems found in gas cookers:

1. Manual Ignition

2. Automatic Ignition.


In manual ignition systems, the user manually lights the gas burner by using a matchstick, lighter, or a specialized gas lighter. This method requires physically bringing the flame source close to the burner and turning the gas knob simultaneously to release the gas flow. It is a simple and reliable method but requires caution and precision during the process.


Automatic ignition systems are commonly found in modern gas cookers. These systems are equipped with an electric ignition mechanism that eliminates the need for external flame sources. When the user turns the gas knob, the ignition system produces an electric spark, which ignites the gas and creates a consistent flame. This automatic ignition method offers convenience, and safety, and eliminates the need for additional tools.

Although modern gas cookers have auto ignition systems, certain cookers support electric ignition while some cookers support battery ignition. Let us go through the differences between them.

Electric ignition sparks the flame using the power of the current via the power plug provided along with the cooker.

Battery ignition helps spark the flame using a single D-type battery. The battery is not included with the cooker as it has to be bought separately.

In case of any power or battery issues, a lighter can be used to spark the flame and continue your cooking adventures.

Having a gas cooker is an investment in efficiency, precision, and culinary perfection. It offers up a world of possibilities in which you may experiment with flavours, develop your food preparation methods, and enjoy the pleasure of making excellent food.

“Embrace the power of gas cooking, let your imagination run free, and set off on a flavourful journey with the gas cooker as your trusted partner.”