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Pros & Cons of Island Range Hoods

Kitchen islands are one of the most popular design trends. They add additional counter space to kitchens while creating natural congregation points in the room. Islands also create flow. People can move in and out of the kitchen without crowding the chef.

However, these kitchen islands also come with complications. It’s difficult to install a stove on a kitchen island without a range hood above it to collect smoke. The last thing you want is to drive your dinner party guests outside because you don’t have proper ventilation.

There is good news for island-loving homeowners: you can install a range hood that is functional but also fashionable. Here are a few pros and cons of island range hoods as you search for ventilation solutions.

First, What is an Island Range Hood?

Before you can dive into the pros and cons of island range hoods, it helps to understand exactly what these appliances do and how they differ from standard options in your kitchen. Your range hood provides ventilation in your kitchen. It pulls smoke and other fumes caused by cooking out of your space while circulating clean air through your kitchen.

Ventilators are typically placed above ovens and stoves. If you burn something in the oven and a large plume of smoke comes out whenever you open the door, you will want a ventilator to catch this air pollution before it spreads throughout the house – and likely triggers your fire alarm.

Island range hoods are used above stoves that are built into kitchen islands. Instead of building your stove and hood against the wall or in-between cabinets, you can cook on your kitchen island and won’t have to worry about smoke. Island range hoods are typically installed on the ceiling directly above the stove.

Pro: You Have More Flexibility in Your Kitchen Design

One of the main benefits of considering island range hoods for your kitchen plan is the added flexibility. Homeowners increasingly look for features in their islands rather than focusing on style. For example, an island needs to provide storage, not just counter space. When you tour modern kitchens, you can find islands that have stoves, sinks, miniature refrigerators, and wine holders.

If you have plans to add an island to your home, make it work for you. With an island mount range hood, you can design a kitchen with a stove in the middle of the room. You can create a flow that works for your needs and your vision as a homeowner.

Con: Your Island Range Hood Will Be Bigger Than Your Stove

While island range hoods are incredibly flexible and come in a variety of sizes, you need to make sure you choose the right one to ensure proper kitchen ventilation. If your stove range hood is too small, smoke will flood your kitchen. If it is too big, then you will likely waste money, energy, and space. Fortunately, there is a process that you can follow to make sure you have enough hood power.

Find the area of your kitchen (multiply the height, width, and length of the space.)

Divide the area by four. This is the time – in minutes – a range hood should be able to filter the air in your kitchen.

With this information, you can find an island range hood that has the power you need. However, you may find that your island range hood extends farther than your stove in order to collect smoke as it rises into the air.

PRESTIGE 90cm Island Cooker Hood BRHC9-1

Once you calculate the power you need for your space, you can start to shop for kitchen range hoods for your island. There are several that provide reliable functionality without sacrificing style and elegance. For example, the Electrolux 42″ has a 211 minimum CFM airflow capacity and a maximum capacity of 412 CFM. This means you can use a lower setting if you need basic kitchen ventilation but can ramp up the island hood if you really need help clearing the air.

Island Range Hood FAQ

How Does an Island Range Hood Work?

Ceiling-mounted or island range hoods create a pressure vacuum that pulls air into the appliance. When you cook, the island hood will pull in the hot air and smoke that you create. This will leave your kitchen with cool, fresh air that is more comfortable to cook in.

Are Island Range Hoods Effective?

Island range hoods are effective appliances. They remove grease, smoke, and other odors from your kitchen. This makes your kitchen air clean and fresh. However, you need to choose a reliable model and the right size kitchen island hood for your space.